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Should You Drink Coffee Before an Exam?

Yes, absolutely! The caffeine in coffee can help you feel more awake, increase alertness, and sharpen your mental state. All of these effects can help you perform better on your exams!

Be careful not to overdo it, however. If you drink more coffee than you’re used to, there is a good chance you’ll feel jittery. To avoid this, drink the same amount of coffee you would on any other day.

While all types of coffee (except decaf!) can help, Joe 2.0 enhanced coffee is particularly good for taking exams or studying. It is enhanced with brain boosting herbs & amino acids that can help you focus and concentrate.

If you normally drink your coffee with sugar, I would recommend skipping the sugar before an exam. Too much sugar could cause you to crash half way through. There are many natural non-sugar sweeteners out there, but it's better to stick with the natural ones like monkfruit or erythritol.