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Joe 2.0 Coffee

Joe 2.0 Coffee

Our delicious science-backed enhanced coffee contains everything you need to own your day. This medium roast blend is vibrant & smooth, and infused with herbs & adaptogens to give you more than just a caffeine kick.
  • Reduces Stress
  • Boosts Concentration
  • No Jitters, No Caffeine Crash
Grounds or Pods

What makes Joe 2.0 coffee different?

Regular Coffee

Helps wake you up
Can give you jitters and a headache
Mid-day caffeine crash
Helps wake you up
No jitters and no
No mid-day caffeine crash
Increases focus: Lion’s Mane and L-theanine increase focus, alertness, and clarity
Reduces stress: The ancient herb Ashwagandha has been used for over 3,000 years to relieve stress
Improves mood: Ashwagandha also helps level your mental state
Boosts brainpower: L-Tyrosine improves working memory, especially if you’re under stress
Fuels your hustle: Each cup of Joe 2.0 has everything you need to own your day


It's coffee enhanced with research-backed natural herbs & amino acids.

It gives you more benefits than just a caffeine kick, and comes without the jitters, headache, or mid-day caffeine crash that comes with normal coffee

Yes! The herbs & amino acids in Joe 2.0 are completely tasteless

All you get is the smooth and vibrant flavor of our premium small batch roasted coffee

We use a medium roast blend that's perfect for everyday. No artificial flavors added!

Yes absolutely! But it takes a couple weeks of drinking it regularly to realize its full potential

Ground. We use a traditional drip grind that works great with any style of coffee maker

Yes! Our coffee pods are compatible with Keurig and most single serve brewing systems*

Backed by science

A dedication to science is at our core. We're proud of the thousands of hours of research and sampling that went into creating the most effective, most delicious, science-backed enhanced coffee.

Coffee has given me jitters for years, but Joe 2.0 finally solved this problem. No more coffee-induced anxiety!

Theo B.

I LOVE this coffee! The flavor is rich & vibrant, without being too strong. I just feel great all day long

Marie M.

The perfect coffee to help me get stuff done. I concentrate so much better when I drink Joe 2.0

Jordan F.